Andrew Mowry

I grew up in Vermont, where I acquired my love of music, woodworking, and the outdoors.  I started building musical instruments at around age ten.  I built my first mandolin while in high school.  I have been a student of traditional woodworking since I was very young, and I enjoy using a full spectrum of ancient to modern techniques. I specialize in archtop string instruments, but I've built a variety of other stringed, wind, and percussion instruments. I have been building instruments professionally since 2003.

I have a bachelors degree in geology from Middlebury College, and a masters degree in physical geography from the University of Oregon. My science background has been a tremendous aid in coming to understand the mechanics of musical instruments, and for me the convergence of art and science is one of the draws of luthiery. I use a scientific approach to documenting existing great-sounding instruments, and this study has vastly influenced my own work.

I continue to have a love for the outdoors, and  I enjoy telemark skiing, fly fishing, photography, gardening, and other outdoor activities.  I live with my lovely wife Sarah, our children Will and Zoe, our golden retriever Sophie who helps heat the shop in the winter (summer too), and Gus the cat.